planning fee agreement

In order to perform the professional services required to plan and arrange your travel, a planning fee is required. This fee is non-refundable.

My work is based on personal experience and professional expertise. After the planning fee is paid and we have discussed your specific requests, I will do the required research to find the best options to meet those requests and prepare a proposed itinerary for you. We will review the itinerary together and make any changes necessary, at which point the itinerary will be ready to book.

Once the trip deposit is made, I will monitor your itinerary for any supplier-related changes, relay required information from the supplier to you and from you to the supplier, and generally monitor and manage the reservation process. When the final payment has been made, I will prepare your trip documentation for you, which will be sent to you three to four weeks prior to departure. While you are on your trip, I will be available for any questions or issues which might arise.

If you decide not to book with me, the itinerary is yours and you may use it to book on your own or with another agent, but there is no guarantee that an online travel agency (Expedia, etc.) or another travel agency will have the same prices and/or availability for that exact itinerary. If you choose to price-shop the itinerary, please be sure you are comparing like to like and that every item in your price comparison exactly matches the itinerary I have prepared for you.

You will receive an invoice for the planning fee after you submit the form below. Please be sure to select the fee type.